The office of the County Treasurer is responsible to the people of Fluvanna County for the efficient administration of county taxes and revenue. It is also responsible for the receipt, investment and disbursement of County funds. As Treasurer of Fluvanna County, my priorities would include working to: 

Enhance Office Transparency, Communications, and Accountability

Develop policy and procedures that dictate transparency and public communications for the office that impact: account management, community engagement activities, publication of routine reports, and the articulation of an effective vision that supports county future economic growth.  These actions will raise community trust, confidence, and accountability in office services.  Simultaneously, continue to satisfy the daily monetary cash flow demands of Fluvanna County in compliance with all Commonwealth of Virginia statutes. 


Integrate Technology and Automation into the Office

I would embrace digital automation to collect, reconcile, and distribute funds to citizens.  It would be critical to aggressively leverage technology to develop and manage a strong computerized infrastructure that will allow for advances in processes like imaging, forms processing, records management, and workflow.

Promote Staff Professional Development

Increased technology must be accompanied by increased education and training. I would support staff taking advantage of academic opportunities, which include: training and conferences that complement my priorities for the office, and improving customer service and community relations by being proactive and promoting office diversity.  Ultimately, the goal is to provide more efficient service to the citizens of Fluvanna.

Educate the Community about Services of the Treasurer’s Office

An open and active exchange of information would be highly encouraged in my administration. I would hold community forums to present information about subjects such as financial planning, and the products and services rendered by the Treasurer’s Office. Community engagement and education help to enhance support services, and serve as a model of excellence.  

On November 5, 2019
Elect Ben Hudson
for Fluvanna County Treasurer