Office of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is an elected post that was created in the Virginia Constitution of 1869. This position is an elected position that was intended to report directly to the people. The Treasurer ensures that local funds will be collected and invested efficiently for the citizens of its locality.
Consequently, the position of treasurer is that of a constitutional officer. As a constitutional officer, one is in the position of having to navigate through less bureaucracy because the treasurer answers directly to his or hers constituents. This almost guarantees an automatic system of checks and balances within the structure of a local government.
In the Commonwealth of Virginia, city and county Treasurers are the chief financial officers for their locality. One of their primary responsibilities is collecting taxes, and they are also considered the Investment Officer of their local government. They are responsible for every kind of revenue that comes to the locality including:

  •   Personal property taxes
  •   License taxes and dog tags
  •   Real estate taxes
  •   Court, Sheriff and Clerk fees

Quality customer service is important to the Treasurer’s Office, because it represents the city or county government for many citizens. In addition to direct services, the Treasurer is also responsible for making sound investments for the county.

As the chief financial officer of the county, the Treasurer is also the fiscal agent for the county. This includes protecting the county’s financial resources and maintaining a working relationship with financial institutions.

On November 5, 2019
Elect Ben Hudson
for Fluvanna County Treasurer